Sumifs with ranges

The table below adds up all the sales between the account numbers by month. The example shown below uses MYOB data.

Data table for sumifs

In the case above the table is on a sheet called ‘Calculations’ and the financial data is on ‘Sheet1’ The criteria is in cell Calculations!F4 and in this case is 4-100


Therefore to add in greater to or equal than “>=” & is added before the cell reference so the full reference becomes: “>=” & Calculations!F4
A second criteria adds the upper range for sales, in this case 4-9999 located in cell F5 and a third criteria adds the date range. So this formula adds any account code greater than or equal to 4-1000 and less than or equal to 4-999 for the month of July 2011.

Combine this with the great example of Excel Hyperlinks from the ever awesome for a very impressive dashboard.

Chandoo interactive graph



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